Lying About Educational Background In Job Interview

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Lying About Educational Background In Job Interview

Hello everyone,

I'm a professional freelance graphic artist with over 8years work experience. Please believe me when I say I'm a professional. I'm highly creative and clients always comends my job.

The issue is, I stopped at secondary school level, I wanted to further my education to the university level but my elder brother who was my sponsor then died in ghastly motor accident. I was devastated and I couldn't further my education so I settled for what I love most which is graphic. Fortunately for me I met a white guy in 2002 from Spain who thought me graphic. I struggled to pay this guy, I had to work in a hotel as dry cleaner (washing bedsheet with sperm) but God saw me through.

I worked as freelancer since 2011. I made a huge mistake in dec 2014 (used the same date for November and December calender) for a reputable company in Lagos. They wouldn't listen to my plead so I sold my landed property, my car and home appliances to reprint the whole 16,000 copies.

Now, I want to work as in-house graphic artist but they price me down due to my educational background, they don't even talk about my experience, imagine a company offered 80k. Meanwhile I have a friend whose experience isn't as wide as mine collecting 250k monthly. The issue is I can forge original certificate I'm very good at manipulation. But my conscience won't allow me.

What do you think I should do in this situation?

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Posted By CheatMaster On 10:29 Mon, 08 Feb 2016

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