Advice: She Got Pregnant, Did An Abortion And Got Dumped

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Advice: She Got Pregnant, Did An Abortion And Got Dumped

Is this the year that I will officially be awarded counsellor of
the year?
The way things are going and with the increased problems in
relationships that I have settled this January (12 successfully
relationships) alone is a giving a big scare and I fear an award
is inevitable for me.
One of these cases is that of Esther and Henry (not real
name). They met, started as friends, weeks later Henry talked
to her about how he felt for her which she turned down.
After much persuasion (3 months) Esther agreed to date him.
As usual sex was involved. Esther got pregnant, she was so
engrossed with Henry that she wanted to keep the
pregnancy. Henry, a final year student told her he wasnt
ready that they should abort it. This she later agreed and
removed the pregnancy.
4 weeks after the abortion Henry’s love for her diminished
and ran cold. He got another girlfriend and plainly told her it
was over. She was pained deep within her soul, she wasnt
ready to give up her position for another lady. She still visits
Henry hoping He would change but things got worse with
each passing day. Even seeing the other lady with him still
doesnt deter her to get the message.
I really dont understand. Is Esther foolish? Is she having a
fragile heart to let go of situation beyond her control? Do you
think her her persistence may eventually pay off? Do you
think she deserve a better man?
My dear people, what advice can you proffer for this lady?

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